Upon completing either one of these programs, you will be eligible to take the Certified Medical Assistant Certification exam. What’s more, the college’s small-sized classes and an approachable faculty create a close-knit environment and make it rather easy for you to navigate through this otherwise demanding program. You will be taking courses that teach you about the human body, the healthcare system, as well as medical and administrative procedures. They offer a 13-month program that does not require prerequisites for program admission. With convenient locations throughout Florida, this program may be completed in about 45 weeks. Florida gives its medical assistants a broad scope of allowable duties. After successful completion of the didactic portion of the program, students are required to complete a 200-hour externship (practical training portion) at a doctor’s office or in some other healthcare setting. Choosing the Best CNA Programs in Florida. Central Florida Institute. Program Type: Certificate (1 year) & Associate in Science Degree. This program is only available in-person and is offered at several campus locations in Florida. Prospective students who are currently in the 9th or 10th grade of their high school can opt for dual enrollment and complete some pre-requisite courses at their current school. The Medical Assistant Technician Diploma Program is designed to prepare students to obtain entry-level employment as a medical assistant technician. Daytona State College is located in Daytona Beach, Florida. On the other hand, if in the future you plan career advancement in nursing or any other health career, enrolling for the associate degree will be ideal as the coursework lays a firm foundation for you to build-up on your knowledge and skills. Students take a combination of online and in-class courses. The Florida Academy Comprehensive Medical Assisting program prepares students for a viable medical assisting career. This program is designed to provide, thorough classroom and clinical instruction an overview of the role of the medical assistant in a clinical setting. Graduates of the Medical Assistant Technician program enter the workforce equipped with the knowledge and skills that employers are looking for when hiring entry-level personnel. — As used in this section, “medical assistant” means a professional multiskilled person dedicated to assisting in all aspects of medical practice under the direct supervision and responsibility of a physician. Students are required to take placement testing prior to admission to the program. Students learn standard basic and core skills in clinical health and administration. Regardless of the program you choose, you can opt to enter either the day or evening schedule. If working in the medical field is a dream of yours, the Medical Assisting training program at Southern Technical College is a great place to get started. The curriculum entails completing 1,300 clock hours in courses that include basics of medical assisting, medical office procedures, administrative office procedures, pharmacology, EKG aide, laboratory procedures, clinical assisting, phlebotomy for a medical assistant and a clinical practicum at a local health facility. Graduates may take certification exams. With a mixture of beautiful weather, recreation, and many tourist attractions, Florida has a consistent population to support healthcare growth. UMA has campus locations in Tampa and Clearwater, Florida. The curriculum, apart from medical assisting centric courses also covers behavioral sciences, communication, fine arts, and natural sciences to help you acquire a well-rounded skill-set. There are 49 schools offering dental assistant programs in Florida, according to the US Department of Education. The position of medical assistant is not the same as that of physician assistant. While the workforce certificate is typically meant for entry-level medical assisting skills in the front and back-office functions, the technical certificate is comparatively more extensive and in-depth and also leads to an associate degree, should you choose to continue with the program. Medical Assistants are not licensed in Florida; however, a medical assistant may become certified through the American Association of Medical Assistants, 800-228-2262. Towards the end of the coursework, you apply the newly acquired theoretical and practical knowledge by completing an externship in a real-world clinical setting. If you are organized, like interacting with people and have a compassionate demeanor, then by completing the college’s certificate program you can explore career avenues as a medical assistant, clinic manager or practice administrator. The program is accredited, and graduates may sit for certification exams. In order to graduate from the Florida State University Physician Assistant Program, students must complete the following requirements: Earn a passing grade, defined as … Erwin Technical College’s medical assisting certificate is a fifteen-month program that takes you through courses in anatomy, physiology, pathology, radiology, electrocardiography, pharmacology, phlebotomy, hematology, scheduling & book-keeping, computer software, application of computer software, and insurance & billing. Learn more today. These include 617 programs accredited by CAAHEP and 358 programs accredited by ABHES while the Committee on Accreditation for Ophthalmic Medical Personnel accredited an additional 19 programs. Sheridan Technical is a medical assisting college in Florida that designs its coursework to teach students relevant skills required to run a medical office. Post-graduation, you can take the CMA exam and become a certified medical assistant and also apply for the Basic X-ray Operator License through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) and the Florida Department of Health. The various programs offered range in duration, depth, and breadth of study, practical training involved, cost and accreditation. Keiser University. Keiser University offers a 60 credit-hour Medical Assisting Associate of Science (AS) degree program. A clinical externship is required, and graduates may take certification exams. Medical Assistant Schools in Cape Coral, FL. This program utilizes a combination of online and in-class instruction. for more information regarding medical assistants. To meet the growing demand for medical assistants in Florida, Daytona State College offers a certificate training program that boasts of an exceptional graduation and employer satisfaction rate over the last 5 years. The College offers a certificate in medical assisting. While the diploma can make you adept for this career, the associate degree further expands your knowledge by including general education courses. Locations: Winter Park, Avalon & Westside, Program Type: Certificate (1 year 2 months). With 10,000 baby boomers entering the Medicare age of 65 every day, the U.S. 65+ population, now comprising 15% of all Americans, is projected to double over the next decade. Program Type: Diploma (40 weeks) & Associate of Science (70 weeks). Arrielle Nicolas is a 2017 graduate from Florida Career College’s Medical Assistant Technician program.She lives in West Palm Beach, Florida with her daughter and has used her FCC experience to help her continue her education and create a better life for her family. Due to the lack of availability of Anesthesiology Assistant programs you may wish to explore related healthcare schools and programs in Florida which will help you on your path to becoming an Anesthesiologist Assistant. Clinical rotations are scheduled in various clinical settings and are a required part of the medical assistant program of study to assist students to obtain hands-on experience in the medical field while learning in the student role. Clinical skills training must be completed in the classroom. Atlantic Technical College inculcates professionalism as … Please see Section 458.3485, Florida Statute (F.S.) This credential is valued by employers as they increasingly seek professionally trained medical assistants. The program entails completing 1,300 hours in didactic classes and experiential learning. The college’s affordable education, in addition to various financial aid opportunities, helps eligible students reach their career goals without burning a hole in their pocket. Concorde Career Institute’s diploma program in medical assisting can be completed in seven months and with four campus locations in FL, you can well, find a campus conveniently located near you. Classes start in the fall semester and you can apply anytime throughout the year. It also includes courses in specialty areas of coding and billing, radiology, phlebotomy, radiology, and EKG. Compare Earnings, Learn About Employment Trends & Find Programs. Upon completing all the courses, apart from the medical assisting credential, you will also receive certificates for phlebotomy, injections, electrocardiography, CPR, and AIDS. Indian River College offers a quick entry into this field through its nine-month medical assisting certificate program. Medical assistants in Florida may work in administrative settings or hands-on in medical care settings, depending on the needs of local employers. In fact, recent stats show that throughout the … Read More Be sure that the school you choose is properly accredited. This program is designed to provide, thorough classroom and clinical instruction an overview of the role of the medical assistant in a clinical setting. Southern Technical College is a medical assistant school in South Florida that offers a diploma and an associate degree, training you in the administrative and clinical functions of medical assisting. To train medical assistants in the state of Florida, ATA Career Education offers a 10-month diploma and a 17-month associate degree program. Central Florida Institute. Southern Technical College has campuses throughout Florida, including Fort Myers, Port Charlotte and Tampa. Medical Assistant Training in Florida – Schools, Programs and Other Education Options. The 200-hour practical training, which is an important part of this program will provide the much-needed real-world experience. If you are currently working and looking at securing a career in the healthcare field by enrolling for an online medical assisting program, then Daytona College offers you two options with its diploma and associate degree. Eastern Florida State College offers medical assisting education through its certificate and associate degree program. You will learn basic bookkeeping, minor surgical procedures, administering medication, preparing patients for examination, drawing blood, EKG, scheduling appointments and filling insurance forms. All these skills are enhanced by a 200-hour externship that you must complete at a local physician’s office. Upon graduation, IRSC highly recommends students to take and pass the CMA exam to have an upper hand in Florida’s competitive medical assisting field. Graduates are eligible to take certification exams upon program completion. Brevard allows entrance to the program three times per year and graduates are eligible to take the CMA exam. Courses in medical terminology, anatomy & anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, coding & billing, clerical and clinical for medical assisting, will make you proficient in the back and front office functions. Should I Go for Paid On-The-Job Medical Assistant Training? Graduates of the program are encouraged to take the RMA exam and earn the title of a Registered Medical Assistant, after which almost 85% of them find suitable placements at local urgent care clinics and physician offices. This is slightly lower than the national annual mean wage of $30,170. The requirements for medical assistant school aren't very complicated and certificate training usually takes about three months, though some online programs are faster. While the full-time takes eight months to complete, the part-time schedule is conveniently paced and takes 14 months to finish. medical assistant This program prepares students for employment as Medical Assistants, office clerks in medical facilities and as examining room assistants in physician’s offices. Medical assistant programs in Florida offer a terrific opportunity for one to gain entry in to a fast growing healthcare career! Medical Assisting in Florida In order to enrol on a medical assisting program in Florida, the educational requirements are usually CPR Certification, a high school diploma or GED, as well as a background check.