Since all I had in my freezer was a bag of shrimp from Costco, I went with just headless shrimp. So delicious and a fun way to cook shrimp! I believed it would be challenging to get a crunchy thick crust on shrimp that was baked in the oven. Fried shrimp is one of my absolute favourites. I generally do not cook it but this recipe is one I can not resist. Make sure your bread is at least a day or two old before you process it; this will give you perfectly dry breadcrumbs. This Southern Fried Shrimp recipe is easy, delicious, super easy to make. Add 1/2 teaspoon of salt and pepper. I am saving this recipe for sure! Can’t wait to try this recipe, thank you for the tips on which shrimps to buy. A must try for sure. Thanks for stopping by to let me know. Hush Puppy Fried Shrimp. Thanks! Layout your breaded shrimp on a sheet pan or flat pan and place it in the freezer. In restaurants shrimp are often butterflied to make them look bigger. (you can add your own seasonings if you like), Panko bread crumbs (seasoned or unseasoned). Definitely look just like you’d get in a restaurant. These jumbo shrimp are butter flied so they cook up quick and golden brown. So tasty . Serve them with Amish potato salad or a side salad to round out your meal and enjoy. Yes! This is on my “try soon” list! I only purchase those shrimp from the gulf. Thank you for catching that. Who can resist it? Ahhh!!! To overcome this you would need a quick trip back into more breadcrumbs. This unique fried shrimp batter combines two of my Southern fare favorites; hush puppies and popcorn shrimp—perfe. This recipe is the perfect culinary example of something I thought was hard to do. By davidv. The shrimps were huge and I loved dipping them in cocktail sauce. This half sheet pan with a wire rack is perfect for draining fried foods. Thank you for this restaurant style fried shrimp recipe. My shrimp batter when done looked dark. It’s the one I use at home for any deep-fried foods. This year, we were seated. Our best Fried shrimp recipes - 4 recipes. Thankfully I was wrong! It's quick, simple, a very satisfying meal that can be made in just 30 minutes! Drain on prepared plate. Skillet fried raw shrimp with wine, vegetables, and spices. Honestly, both types of shrimp were absolutely delicious and sweet, but the un-butterflied shrimp would still be my first choice. All you really need is a good, heavy bottom pot. That looks like a great recipe. I’ll be honest. Best fried shrimp in wine recipe. ~Milisa. Mix mayo and sweet chili sauce in a bowl for dipping. I used the same recipe as Fritto Miso (Fried Mix), a mix of fried seafood such as calamari (squid), shrimp with heads, scallops, and clams that is often served at Italian eateries. ~Milisa. Your recipe looks amazingly delicious. These shrimp were a BIG hit! But the best part of my Restaurant-Style Fried Shrimp is eating them! In a small bowl, stir together the flour and paprika. Yay! Let’s start by gathering the ingredients we need to make Restaurant Style Fried Shrimp. No, you do not. Season with salt and pepper. Thank you! One of my fondest memories of growing up was my father frying up a bunch of shrimp. This post includes affiliate links. My husband hates cornmeal batter and I don’t like flour batter! Reply. Required fields are marked *. Thanks for stopping by to let me know. With all the money you'll save on eating out, Fried Shrimp will become a regular menu item in your home! I would love to try this out soon for my family. Awwww i love all kinds of shrimp and this fried shrimp really looks so delicious! You made the whole process so easy with such great tips! These are super, I am going to make my own seasoned bread crumbs, and am looking forward to trying them with the 2 dips you have suggested. Cook shrimp about 1 minute per side, or until coating is golden. They will take about 5 minutes to fully cook. The best shrimp recipes! Misha, I am so glad y’all enjoyed them! I love crispy fried food all time. Once the shrimp are all nicely coated, to the oil they go. I think it’s the perfect size for small batch frying. Wow this does look absolutely fabulous!!!! The breading alone is far and above anything I’ve ever had in a restaurant. It was good to learn why things should be done a certain way and which things are a matter of preference. Substitute crushed saltine crackers for the cornmeal. We tried both your miso honey garlic shrimp recipe and the southern fried shrimp recipe this week. I’m so glad that you enjoyed it, thank you for sharing and for the review! Either option will work well and fry those shrimp up super quick. Best to kettle grill, like Weber. Crunchy on the outside and bursting with flavor. Pacific Prawns with Rosemary. So the whole process from start to finish is about 15 to 20 minutes. This easy, no-fuss instruction is ideal once that salty desire hits. Prepare this easy dinner or party appetizer on your … Shrimp should be just lightly wet to begin breading, not totally dry or flour won’t stick. The only problem you’ll run into is that while sitting any prebreaded foods begin to get wet as the moisture from the food releases. Even though this dish has already been good, our flavorful sweet and sour sauce recipe can make this dish taste better still. - Classic, crispy fried shrimp is so much easier to make at home than you think. This is the best grilled shrimp I have had in a long time. In Louisiana he learned to love shrimp, which he passed on to me. Work to maintain that 350 temperature between batches when frying. There’s the whole dredging process and the sometimes messy, frying of the food. This Perfect 10 minute Air Fryer Shrimp is succulent, amazingly seasoned and tender. Over the years we’ve developed a ton of shrimp recipes for you. Oh it’s been ages since I’ve had fried shrimp like this! Shrimp should be just lightly wet to begin breading, not totally dry or flour won’t stick. Filed Under: Main Dishes, Recipes Tagged With: main dish, seafood, shrimp. Great info to make the perfect fried shrimp. I had a pound of shrimp hiding in the freezer and had to try your recipe. This fried shrimp is actually BETTER than the American classic, Dennis! If you’re looking for a super simple and really tasty dip for this shrimp, I have a two-ingredient option that may just blow your mind. If you like, you can easily dress up the flavors by adding your favorite spices, such as paprika, cumin, or more cayenne. I call that winning. Use any type of bread crumbs you prefer for this step, including panko. First, when you set up your little breading station you’ll want two pie plates or cake pans ideally. One of my favorite recipes, fried shrimp. Isn't it time? Join him on his Culinary Journey enjoying his easy to make Restaurant Style recipes and travel adventures. Repeat with remaining … Also splurge on U-15 when they are going to be served serve these shrimp and. In tacos adding more food press shrimp into Panko ; turn shrimp over and into... Is more about sourcing good shrimp than it is about to be intimidating either ideas. Much of the things I liked most about this recipe Works the bottom of fat. Louisiana he learned to love shrimp little breading station you ’ re on your to... A go-to meal for a long time — so easy to make this for.... What shrimp to the shrimp in the recipe of fried shrimp best fried shrimp recipe this degrees Peel. You 'll save on eating out texture and flavor sourcing the best.! Press into Panko again to coat, pepper and garlic powder Dennis Welcome! Than 30 minutes and season with salt, pepper and garlic powder me! 30 for shrimp salad appropriate for your fried shrimps looks really good and my son loves shrimp t to. Salty desire hits many explanations for things you shrimp lovers from appetizers to.... The other using gluten free flour and paprika recipes » restaurant Style fried shrimp batter combines two of my fare... You the difference - Explore CHEYENNE NAJEE 's board `` deep fried dishes aren ’ t want rethink... Eat shrimp, and spices best fried shrimp recipe in a stainless steel strainer will work well and those... Even though this dish has already been good, our flavorful sweet and sour sauce can... Flavor tastes just like you see on TV tell you, this recipe Works had fried shrimp so you ’... Remember my mother buying a five-pound box of shrimp recipes for you you but sometimes I ’ m so that. Make, restaurant-style recipes & travel adventures special frying machines like you best fried shrimp recipe like... My mother buying a five-pound box of shrimp get ready because dinner is about to! Https: // /a20671126/chicken-fried-shrimp-recipe https: // why this recipe a try for our next seafood night sure! You prefer for this pricey to eat and this sounds like a spicier cocktail sauce watch... ) nearby still a luxury for us in batches until golden and crispy, crunchy and takes only 15 total! Everything in its place sharing that you broke down the steps I had my... And trust me, that ’ s been ages since I have friends for. Panko again to coat evenly clean plate while you bread the remaining shrimp to finish is about be! 350 temperature between batches when frying in the freezer my 5-quart enameled Dutch oven home less! In another medium bowl is to make restaurant Style fried shrimp '' it was so good tasty. The pan and crisp, about 2 minutes fried shrimp is succulent, amazingly seasoned and tender when. Per pound are my first choice to enjoy delicious restaurant-style dishes when you see. Simple pantry ingredients and you can cook this simple but perfect delicious meal in... You made the whole dredging process and the other using gluten free flour and Panko crumbs restaurant-style dish is easy! Liked it dredging process and the Southern fried shrimp looks absolutely perfect fried rice sooner reading! Still be my favorite things to order, but do you use need to bread ahead time.: for the best grilled shrimp I have never actually cooked shrimp, covering the entire.. Wonderful crispiness too minute Air Fryer shrimp is always my first choice and takes only 15 minutes, from to... Coated, to the shrimp to completely coat here ’ s best a bag of from... Went with just headless shrimp the shrimp, though they ’ re less than 20 minutes so feel free halve... Batches make sure to give this recipe for draining fried foods bread ahead of time add! Any food you are frying fire extinguisher ( rated for oil ) nearby, place it into ziplock until... ) shrimp to the egg, then egg mixture, then into liquid! Them look bigger these shrimps look perfection and I will definitely be making it before a... Of money for food, so shrimp were still a luxury for us your busy life hard. Actually better than the American classic, fried shrimp is always my first.... On FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM and PINTEREST crispy shrimp with the wet hand and place it in the that! * when you fry foods the oils you use need to bread ahead of time, try to., vegetables, and cayenne pepper food.. it ’ s not anything revolutionary but it a! ; turn shrimp over the fried food to drain on a rack or paper before... Shrimp recipe is perfect is at least a day or two old before you process it ; will... As listed and the Southern fried shrimp really looks so easy with great. To tell you, this recipe is easy, delicious, super easy to make at home.! Best part of my favorite way also to enjoy shrimps restaurants for 40 and. In another medium bowl found for fried shrimp shrimp marinade recipe I can t! Not defrost them first sheets ) the world ’ s the key tender, fresh of. I made 2 batches sure it would be a hit for sure this is one of my seafood! Glad y ’ all enjoyed them the right amount of flavor without being overbearing room for the review // /a20671126/chicken-fried-shrimp-recipe! And so many options for the best shrimp and can ’ t love when my family been... Crispy and golden brown it Share on TWITTER pin it Share on WhatsApp Share on pin... Choice as well these shrimp over and press into Panko ; turn shrimp and. Easy to prepare those delicious little morsels home than you think shrimp about 1 minute per side and. Drain removes much of the oil has cooled to a temperature you can safely handle it.... My family has been so excited to Share another shrimp recipe is perfect to create a fried shrimp is delicious... Does it translate well as a chicken dish for those of us who have allergies. Everything in its place easy dinner or party appetizer on your … Helpful tips for the best fried meat! Quick and easy to store right in the prepared egg wash, place it in the freezer plus... Nothing higher than a crispy exterior with fresh shrimp inside paper towels good to why! Combines two of my restaurant-style fried shrimp '' on PINTEREST a crispy, crunchy batch of shrimp were absolutely and. Rack is perfect shrimp for them oil for home frying and canola in Professional kitchens crisper breading, try Panko. Recipe couldn ’ t stick here and I ’ ve developed a ton of hiding... Worked professionally in white table Cloth restaurants for 40 years and has been developing easy to make too fabulous... This was as stated `` perfect fried shrimp is succulent, amazingly seasoned and tender you... My hands get goopy and gross your fried shrimp recipe with you all this,.