I've tried removing the waste pipe from below and giving it a push, but not 100% if this is the correct thing to do or whether there is a mechanism I need to fiddle with. Simply push down the stopper once to close the click clack, and push again to open once more. When you move the rod up and down the waste 'pops up' or down. hope you get it sorted In the trade the waste you've described is called a spring seal, clicker or a click-clack. I have one of those and had no problem with any leakage but I think I ... the plug is down - leave it out and the sink won't hold water, After 3 years of good service, the plug in the pop-up waste in a bathroom basin won't stay down/closed for more than 30 seconds. Click clacks, are as useful as their name is memorable. They very rarely work and a lot of Plumbers do use Silicone or Plumbers Mait to form a watertight seal. I have one of those plug things that you just push for it to go up and down, it's not the type that has a separate lever. click/clack waste fittings, with the overflow running into the slotted waste ... click/clack ..I presume you mean a popup waste . For the stopper to stay down, or hold any position for that matter, there must be pressure against the ball on the horizontal rod. It takes me 2 minutes to shave, and in that time the plug pops up 4 or 5 times. 2 posts • … The waste is not easy to get to to replace so i'd rather not go down this route. How can I fix it? Click to expand... My thinking is similar but it not actually the plug that's leaking, if it has a built in overflow it could be leaking around the seal of the waste to basin, this happened on my new bathroom sink, stumped me for hours working out how water could escape the sink but not leak out into the under cupboard. A 'pop up' waste has a metal rod behind the tap body. (3 Posts) Add message | Report. The culprit is the pivot nut that holds the horizontal (pivot) arm onto the popup assembly. You Are Here: Home > DIY Forum Home > DIY and Home Improvement Forums > Bathrooms, Drainage and Waste Plumbing Forum > Help to Fix a Click Clack Plug that won't Stay Down; Help to Fix a Click Clack Plug that won't Stay Down. Its jammed tight and I cant seem to depress it or unscrew the top off. My click clack waste has got jammed stuck on its way up whcih is stopping it popping up. The stopper on my bathroom faucet doesn't stay closed. Slotted pop-up 'click clack' waste won't stay down: Sanitary Ware: 6: Apr 15, 2016: J: Broken click clack bath waste: DIY Bathroom Remodelling Advice: 2: Nov 22, 2015: R: Press down click clack basin waste: DIY Bathroom Remodelling Advice: 5: Jun 6, 2015: Similar threads; Stuck Click Clack Waste: click-clack plug problem: I have a relatively new click clack plug, but it has become stuck in the closed position. When I pull the handle up, it just falls back down. These 'click clack' wastes or any waste for that matter often come with foam washers which are designed to form a perfect seal against the china. Pop up basin thingy won't stay down. Heelsdown Tue 22-Sep-15 16:09:17. I can see that the silicon band is out of place, which I assume is causing it to jam. Sorry to be pedantic!