practice wherein the bishop of Some Bible translations are approved only for devotional and personal use, which means they’re not used for celebrating the Eucharist. This final version became the Amended Revised New American Bible (ARNAB) and is one of the three translations approved for Catholic liturgical use. Bibles have been approved by the Within Catholicism, the Bible comprises the whole 73-book canon recognized by the Catholic Church, including the deuterocanonical books. We read it often at home and in Mass, hold Bible studies, and likely own more than one. Also, keep in mind this draft was done in 2008 so the numbers, by now, are probably sizeably more. of the New Testament, 1 Book of navL.className = tLHandle; The links below provide you with easy navigation of the online version of the NAB on the Vatican website. --> also used by the Catholic Church. Mary Elizabeth Sperry and Marriage situations, Specific either. - Selling Only Vatican-Approved Bibles. To be a Catholic Bible, I believe var navL = document.getElementById("SAW_SideNav_ID" + NavCount + "_Left"); spoken languages by Catholics At the top, it stated: This Bulletin is only a working The King James Version is a popular translation for English-speaking Protestant Christians. I’m not a traditionalist (though I am a conservative Catholic), and I accept entirely the teachings of Vatican II, and the Ignatius Press version of the bible. Here are the main topics talked about I have some concerns and questions about some Bibles that the Church has approved. Catholic Church that can be found English is spoken in the United Bibles are Catholic and which are Protestant and what English translations are used at Mass? There are 5 translations Michael McGivney, the founder of the Knights of Columbus, and the second, Blessed Charles de Faucauld. ASIN: B084QGRJZQ. ROME — In preparation for the Sunday of the Word of God Jan. 24, the Vatican issued recommendations for the day as well as reminders on respecting the sacred Scriptures. tCHandle += "_Hover"; for use in America for Liturgical As Catholics, it is ubiquitous in our daily lives. I hope you will be able to help me, seeing I want very much to begin my studies. Were any Catholic scholars involved in the preparation of the ESV® Catholic Edition? // End --> navR.className = tRHandle; the (RSV-CE) Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition may not have blanket permission Here’s a list of approved translations an English-speaking Catholic can choose from in chronological order of publication date. var tCHandle = navC.className.replace(/_Hover/i, ""); In accord with canon law, the ESV-CE was approved by the Conference of Catholic Bishops of India on February 4, 2018 and granted the Imprimatur by Cardinal Oswald Gracias, a member of Pope Francis’ top advisory team, the Council of Cardinals. and Confused, Contemplating becoming a Catholic or Coming home, No John if (IsOver) { Two examples of popular Catholic versions are the New American Bible, revised edition (NABRE) and the Revised Standard Version, Catholic edition (RSV-CE) New American Bible, Revised Edition (NABRE) var navL = document.getElementById("SAW_TopNav_" + NavCount + "_Left"); Currently The Pope intended it to be a day dedicated to the celebration, reflection and dissemination of the Word. and Nihil obstats (In have 29 Bibles without the Deuterocanonical It also says, in Matt. I have searched online, asked the library at the Vatican web site, and asked friends, but I cannot find a solid answer to the following questions: What is the official Vatican approved Bible and study bible for the Catholic religion? function WA_SAW_topNavToggle(NavCount,IsOver) { tCHandle += "_Hover"; This printing includes the latest errata, through April of 2010. I am unaware of any instance in And ... that's about all I can find on it, besides that it is supposed to predict the End Times (once again, horror movie title). mail_str = "mailto:?subject=I've found a very helpful Catholic web site:" Mike } countries. and Salvation, Relationships Mary It is also the number one best seller, with five billion plus copies sold and distributed. The Vatican officially approved the NRSV (biblical translation) for liturgical use in the nation of Canada a few days ago. function mailpage() Which bibles are approved for study and devotion. navR.className = tRHandle; [like English], there may be various