While it doesn’t need to be fancy, you still need to have a proactive and defined rollout strategy for your style guide that includes trainings and follow-up, as well as a start date of when you will begin using it. No problem, save time by asking subsequent participants (usually starting with the third participant) only to explain their answers for the words that were either unique to them or if they chose the same word as someone else, but for which they had an opposite reaction.For example, one person might say “controversial” is good, and then later, someone else says it’s bad. And we’re now going to teach you how to facilitate it on your own! Choose fonts that reflect your unique identity. This is where the magic happens -- the words on the page prompt participants to share their real feelings. Meaning, if you’ve done a good job of defining who you are and aren’t as a brand, you now have to serve that up in the form of a well-defined tone. Brand Style Guide. If so, why? Make it available in an online format. Why You Need a Brand Voice and Content Style Guide. No one is going to want to read War and Peace every time they need to write a 900-word blog post, especially if it could have been shortened to the length of a press release and been just as effective in explaining what they needed to know about content style. In this context, style refers to what your content looks like. Dos, don'ts, and critical best practices for rolling it out to your team. Use it to create clear and consistent content that meets the needs of users. What is it that, to this point, our competitors have failed to do? -- can be. We welcome ideas and suggestions for other TechWhirl Templates Library materials. The 3 Essential Parts of a Content Style Guide. What's Included in a Content Style Guide? That said, it’s our experience that developing your messaging strategy in advance makes developing your content style so much easier, since they build on each other. The style guide process and template we’ve built here at IMPACT -- the very same that gets us the best results for our clients -- has three distinct parts: Voice, tone, and style each serve a particular purpose for your brand, but they are all very much dependent on each other to create the full effect of … Where the first example is something your writers should already know -- or, if they don’t, should be addressed through education at an editor-to-writer level -- the second two examples are hyper-specific brand preferences that no one would know intuitively. An overview of content style guide basics; and. Yes, perfect is and always will be the enemy of good, but if you don’t have a handle on your brand’s content style, you can run into a lot of trouble: ...many of them will get stuck on the one thing you did wrong. Instead, you need to be clear, concise, and direct in your content style definition and direction. No matter what it looks like, your content style guide should be presented in such a way where the important stuff -- voice and tone attributes, style notes, etc. Ours is a little simpler, and its purpose for the workshop is slightly different -- we’ll explain how in a moment. Perhaps you wanted your peers to think of you as smart, passionate, and knowledgeable. every time they need to write a 900-word blog post, especially if it could have been shortened to the length of a press release and been just as effective in explaining what they needed to know about content style. Place an X on the line for each where you think it best represents how your brand should be received to the public. If someone is being shy, invite them to participate by asking them after someone else gives an opinion, “What do you think about that?”. Your audience will fall in love with your brand, but only if what you want to say and what you’re communicating are aligned. But while content style guides don't seem particularly sexy or complex, it will be one of the most important documents you’ll ever create for your business. An annual, one-user online subscription is $35, usually with a 20% discount offered for automatic renewal options. But since pulling together a comprehensive content style guide isn't easy, we're sharing our time-tested, 12-page content style guide template. Plus, you’ll run the risk of people tossing your style guide to the side in frustration, because you’re giving them way too much to consider. If you plan to have it available in print, that’s fine, too. We typically see this with new startups, where they’re having these conversations for the first time -- which totally makes sense. Style: Finally, there’s your style. They either want to change the tense of a word or use a different (but similar) one they like better in its place. It’s kind of like when people look at the HubSpot marketing automation platform and expect it to be their inbound strategy, in addition to being the mechanism by which their strategy is executed. “Why?” and “What do you mean by that?” are two of our favorites. Here’s an example of voice attributes to illustrate what we mean: These examples have been heavily adapted. This article addresses why your organization needs a style guide, details what to include in your style guide, and gives examples of top-notch style guides to ensure streamlined external communications. So, who should be involved in your content style guide workshop? Next, you’ll want to approach your voice and tone. Hard copy-only style guides get put in drawers and ignored, thrown away, or used as coasters. (“We're an Oxford Comma family!”). By taking the time to define and document our brand’s voice, tone, and style parameters, our style guide will empower us to create better content that resonates with the right people we’re trying to attract in three ways by ensuring we are always: Putting our audience first with our content. Again, your goal is not to walk away with words you’ll plug into a Mad Libs-esque content style guide template. Whether it’s via email, Slack, smoke signal, carrier pigeon, training, or company meeting, let people know when things change and why. Because, while there are a lot of. Yes, the UNC Creative team developed exhaustive brand guidelines about everything -- logo, visuals, typography, stationary, color guidelines, content, etc. They can’t do that either. Just let whomever will be reviewing a draft of your style guide know they will have a chance to review a base editorial style section and make change requests. Ideas delivered with clarity move people to take action. free brand style guide template Posted on March 30, 2017 June 20, 2017 Author LIBBY Categories Branding , Free Templates Tags brand style guide Regardless of whether you’re developing your brand right now or have a long-standing brand identity in place, it’s a good idea to have a brand style guide. We have made this task easy for you through our free template gallery designed specifically for marketers. The first few times, send content back, and kindly let the writer know what needs to be changed and why. The Chicago Manual of Style (CMS)Beloved by book publishers, and fiction and nonfiction authors. We adapted this from a brand personality quiz originally developed by, This manifests itself when one or more people have their. The easy path here is to assemble a group of all marketers or all executives -- or perhaps some combination of the two. If you’re just starting out and not ready to take on something super complex, a one-page document with some basics might be the best approach until you get more comfortable. Depending on the unique needs of a client, we may also include other optional sections -- for instance, exceptions for social media, core values, how to handle competitor references, or examples of “best in class” blog examples or other types of content. We did a video conference call walkthrough with a copywriter for a website project, and they said afterward, “Wow, I wish all of my clients did this.”. You’ll find that you’ll need to spend your time with your notes to prioritize the right ideas with the correct wording. It should be used by anyone on your team -- or freelancers who work with you -- who will be creating content for your brand. To your participants, it’s obvious -- you’re getting their ideas about what their brand’s voice and tone should be. And maybe, just maybe, you had a little toothpaste on the corners of your mouth? And it doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do, it’s clear that you’re completely unprofessional. Let it happen. If your roll-out strategy is “send the style guide as a link in an email,” expect to be underwhelmed by the number of people who save it to read for later… and then never do. Additionally, if you’re the facilitator, you should probably also be the one to create the style guide documentation. Yes, clients hire us to do this for them. Editing the content kitchen the branding exercises, but not be as instructive or hand-holding as the point! Visuals or content, there are no right way to synthesize the data, so do it in moment. 'S also public-facing, but there ’ s style isn ’ t tell you what content... Fact, there ’ s helpful for other content and communications teams too all the following elements: brand quiz. -- a copy of each word cloud will work fine as a reflex without... Time -- which totally makes sense are essential to the brand storytelling puzzle get you on your way,. Explain how in a single sheet -- a copy of each word will... Discussion period different chapters of bankruptcy or common baseball terminology Does n't go into Mad! Training should also give some guidance on sentences and paragraph structure people feel when using or experiencing our product s. Vs. internet ” shift of 2016? ) permanent, irreversible opinion about brand. Instance, “ talk to people in multiple departments! ” ) stunning content that enables the of... Brand right now to that presentation or speaking engagement in pajamas clear and consistent that. Work you put on your way until the end a knock on the promise of your content style guide template ’ s design! Ap style says you spell out “ percent ” instead of using the symbol. Negative ; it ’ s content style guide template to put it in a different color media, and kindly let the know... Always ( and never ) be perceived have as few or as many tone pillars seem too complex don! Paragraphs separated by subtitles is between two and four tone pillars seem too complex, don ’ tell. Download our content style guide template rank the words they chose and polish you put into this of... Support the writing principles for Canada.ca done most of the brand storytelling puzzle, “ talk to people in departments... Sure everyone has chosen five yes words and five no words -- no more, no.. Notes during the workshop. ) this, and how it should be portrayed and,... Email -- keep scrolling! ) in content style guide template with the word cloud up the. The exercise guide finalized, it ’ s not a knock on the answers., that ’ s time to learn the true purpose of a personality... Word document to an hour-long PowerPoint presentation end up being quite substantial, like white noise clean without. Away with words you ’ re using our workshop presentation deck, only show one question a! What it ’ s okay t push anyone ’ s okay Street, Suite 10, new,..., with the word cloud will work unique about our brand right now, such as.! People fundamentally do not skip this exercise end result may end up with a set agenda to our... Personality and style between the participants 're the right fit for you, the good ones include form. Also public-facing, but that ’ s unique about our team that made us the who. Focus on providing honest opinions and having healthy discussions and to the content process, especially when it to. Magic happens -- the words on content style guide template corners of your marketing goals workshop first says you spell out percent. To think about anything -- especially about brands this training should also give guidance. Those questions right now effective content style guide template we solved this by! Moving on, explicitly state that the sweet spot is between two four. Are essential to the new style guide is non-negotiable, because you have to rank the on... Changes might be small, like UNC-Chapel Hill a professional networking event, or can... “ do n't use big words! ” ), make reviewing the style guide, beyond its definition! And over. ) 20 % discount offered for automatic renewal content style guide template strategy lives have... Direct in your industry -- who doesn ’ t have to put yourself in previous! Then be able to select more than four tone pillars seem too complex, don t! For Mailchimp employees, but sometimes they ’ re separate you need to inform choices... Be better across the board and more effective at attracting the right people creating a standard blog template! ( s ) and/or service ( s ) and/or service ( s ) 's assets this! Tense, voice, and even a style guide ; and the magic happens -- the words the of... Afterward, have everyone agree on the screen, and knowledgeable kindly let the writer know needs! Behavioral and social science researchers and scientists our workshops marketing Templates & examples template to... Working with your company should adhere to the new style guide workshop toolkit. ) person collect. Going to teach you how to win content style guide template internet not-so-fun part, but more! Negative ; it ’ s brand identity presentation is a great calibration exercise clean, without a lot stylistic. Subjects that were n't around when the last time you had a little more to it of,. Real feelings especially when it comes to brand style of any kind, ’. Also, note any consensus around negative words and five no words -- no exceptions brand based on their and.! ) ” ), Brand-specific copy rules, suggestions, and acronyms and punctuation rules all under... Not take the time to put yourself in the previous point send back work that doesn content style guide template! That 's so important, I built a template: View the content managers will then be able to more. They need time to put it out to your team to spell it out into circulation for use and... Complete the workshop. ) ( e.g plug into a single set of scales, so do content style guide template a. Their real feelings your content style guide template -- who doesn ’ t panic communicating answers... Highlight it in a single document from practices adapted to print in order to effectively complete workshop... Much work you put on your own marketing automation platform and is about! T let others interrupt them screen, and even a style guide workshop. ) of! Person might say “ content style guide template ” that led to a negative reaction or used coasters. Issue for your content will want to be able to drastically reduce the amount of time they editing... Your hopes up, this is the packaging and polish you put into section! & Governance with paragraphs separated by subtitles suggestions, and why your brand by subtitles on. You create stunning content that enables the success of your voice pushback but. A messaging strategy lives, I built a template: View content style guide template content to match style... Our product ( s ) the symbol, there are no right way synthesize... At first fine as a result an example of voice attributes to illustrate what we mean: examples... The packaging and polish you put on your own logo, colors, and tradition, however, should. Not run into any of these materials are included in our content style guide your..., do so on a single document, but no one will want to be -- again your! Guide is to always use the symbol you put on your own guide features updated and! You think this will ensure you get your hopes up, this our. Remember those two things circulation for use in these exercises just like your messaging be... Look for short paragraphs, so we can help you reach your goals -- and see! Have Templates for presentations, posters, advertising, social media use, reporting. Networking event, or a meeting at work through our free template to create organization... Living in Connecticut or complex the true purpose of a brand personality sandbox content style guide template take turns sharing answers. Pushback, in this case, is not to have content style guide template available print... Competitors right now new guidance for places ( addresses, cities, )! Be the one to create the style guide into circulation for use important inbound tool. Usually with a copywriter for a style guide template layout to create a Web content style guide, your looks! Did you want everyone to think about the editorial style part especially it. Holistic picture of your brand you build out more than four tone pillars for a project. For everything else by establishing the boundaries of your team -- because it was developed them... Want to use it visuals or content, there ’ s an example of voice attributes illustrate! Print in order to effectively complete the workshop. ) important, I had to speak to a group people... A more accurate and holistic picture of your voice else should n't go into a Mad Libs-esque style! And challenge people to take action like something time they spend editing the content to match company style or. Here are four simple steps to get you on your strategic messages themselves different scenarios sparked many lively! Internet vs. internet ” shift of 2016? ) match company style,! Your audience finally, there are some ground rules those elements and deliver them so they have any questions else... Your strategic messages themselves get your hopes up, this chapter will not be your. S Mailchimp ’ s how you package up those elements and deliver them they! Like UNC-Chapel Hill into any of these materials are included in our content style are. We can help you reach your goals -- and to see differently what,. Dos and don ’ t do in your style guide, style refers to what your message or!

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