Mi piace: 1478. [5] In the early 1800s, the area between the town and church was mostly fields. =Joyce,James/Jr. +Drummonds =Armstrong,Miss. The spirit of impartial justice (without which law is nothing better than an instrument of tyranny) has for a time disappeared in the county, and the supineness of the magistracy of Armagh is become a common topic of conversation in every corner of the Kingdom. Fraser, ed.. Mulholland, Peter. 914 likes. Drumcree: Jan 1 1844 - June 30 1864 June 17 1864 - Dec 31 1880: Feb 9 1844 - Nov 23 1863 July 23 1864 - Nov 27 1880: May 26 - Dec. 22 1863; June 24, 1864 - Dec. 30, 1880: NLI: Imaged online (Pos. +Ballyoran. In Baptism we are challenged by the Spirit to live and share the Gospel message. Drumcree Parish Church, Portadown, United Kingdom. Young Sloe =Boner,Hugh+Belfast. Parish of Drumcree - R.C., Portadown. Finally, you may wish to conduct your own searches of the database for townlands and other placenames found in Portadown: visit The Belfast Newsletter Index, 1737-1800, and follow the instructions for selecting a database and inputting your search term(s). Meanwhile, ~10,000 Orangemen and their supporters were engaged in a standoff with ~1,000 police at Drumcree Church. +Drumglassfortune. There will be a reduced Mass schedule this coming week: Monday 12th: 7pm Novena Mass in St Patrick's Church Tuesday 13th: 7pm Mass in St. John the Baptist Church Wednesday 14th: 10am Mass in St Patrick's Church Thursday 15th: 7pm Mass in St. John the Baptist Church Friday 16th: 10am Mass in St Patrick's Church Saturday 17th: No 10am Mass - CAIN - Statement by the Chief Constable on his decision to re-route the Drumcree Parade - 1996, http://cain.ulst.ac.uk/othelem/chron/ch97.htm#Jul. However, this list probably does not contain all mentions made of this parish in the Belfast Newsletter between 1737-1800, if only because it is difficult to anticipate all spelling variants, including spelling errors. However, if you must have a copy of the original article in its entirety, you should contact the Inter-Library Loan Department of your local university or public library; a (usually nominal) fee is customarily charged for that Deparment to locate, photocopy and mail the article to you. Mi piace: 1531. "Drumcree: A Struggle for Recognition". [38] The following year the Parades Commission again banned the Orangemen from Garvaghy Road. Although nearly ten years passed without serious conflict over the Drumcree parades, both sides remained unhappy with the situation. After it passed, the security forces began withdrawing from the area. On 15 March 1999 the GRRC's legal advisor, Rosemary Nelson, was assassinated in Lurgan. su Facebook. In Baptism we are challenged by the Spirit to live and share the Gospel message. [26] It is believed the killing was ordered by the brigade's leader, Billy Wright, from Portadown. That afternoon, Reverend Martin Smyth (then Orange Grand Master) arrived at Drumcree and announced that there could be "no compromise". [28] The following day, sixty families had to be evacuated from their homes on Garvaghy Road after a loyalist bomb threat. [3] Allegedly, the brigade also had plans to drive petrol tankers into the Garvaghy area and ignite them. PLEASE NOTE. fraudulent practicesinspectors drapers weavers seize publication hand 3. [37] Some senior Portadown Orangemen claim that they had been promised a parade on Garvaghy Road later that year if they could control things on the traditional parading dates. +Carbrackog+, linen trade brown seals weavers office unclaimed notice proper bonds lodged 25Dec. +, married =Johnston,Philip/Rev. Fox Hunter +Frankfort +Newry +Loughbrickland. [16], After 1986, the parades were permanently banned from Obins Street. [14], Later in the month, the Provisional IRA exploded a bomb on Woodhouse Street, and loyalists exploded a bomb at a Catholic church. +Lisburn. During this time the dispute led to the deaths of at least five civilians and prompted a massive police and army operation. At a SoD meeting in Belfast's Ulster Hall one of the platform speakers said, to applause, that, "Sectarian means you belong to a particular sect or organisation. [7] They then allowed Orangemen to parade along the road escorted by at least fifty UDA members. The Orangemen would be allowed to march along Garvaghy Road on condition that they did so silently, without accompanying bands. [3] Due to the violence of "The Troubles" in 1969, there were major population shifts in religiously mixed Portadown. Club sportivo. A proscription, that certainly exceeds, in the comparative number of those it consigns to ruin and misery, every example, that ancient and modern history can supply: for where have we read of more than half the inhabitants of a populous county deprived at one blow of the means, as well as of the fruits of their industry, and driven in the midst of an inclement season, to seek shelter for themselves and their families, where chance may guide them. NOTICES. Drumcree Parish Church, Portadown, United Kingdom. Our Parish of Drumcree is a Christ-centred community. File:Drumcree Parish Church.jpg. 1796 he admitted the persecution of Catholics in Co. Armagh was the work of the 'Orange boys' (for more see http://orangecitadel.blogspot.com/). Young Sloe =Boner,Hugh+Belfast. turf bog farm houses parish +, =Freels,Elizabeth otherwise =McVea,Elizabeth wife =McVea,Owen +Drumlenumparish +, 14 Nov. times house =Bryans,George +Druminakelly parish +, deserted =Thompson,Samuel serjeant Royal Regiment Artillery recruiting+Armagh. Fearnought=Montgomery,Samuel +Armagh. =Lee,William +Tangeragee =Partinton,Peter +Moyallen =Harden,Henry+Clare. [16] On 12 July, eight Orange lodges met at Corcrain Orange Hall and attempted to march through Obins Street to the town centre. The Roman Catholic Parish of Drumcree is located in Co. Armagh, Ireland. Through proclaiming the Gospel message to all, growth in faith, liturgy, justice issues and ecumenism we extend our love and care to all people providing support in renewing and deepening our faith. The magistrates' resolution was referred to by Henry Grattan during a Parliamentary Debate on the "Insurrection Act" in February 1796. 890 likes. [9], In the 1950s and 60s, a number of housing estates were built on the fields along Garvaghy Road. =McBride,Robert =Kinchey,Thomas =McCowan,John =Vogan,James=Scott,John =Wilson,Thomas =Wilson,Tobias. [18] Although the parade was legal and the protest was not, police prevented the parade from taking the Garvaghy Road route. It forms part of the Archdiocese of Armagh., This sections contains all information regarding the 2018 Drumcree Parish … It is no secret, that a persecution, accompanied with all the circumstances of ferocious cruelty, which have in all ages distinguished that calamity is now raging in this County.

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