Guest speakers? Tufts has 28 varsity sports teams, but beyond that many students get involved in club and intramural sports which are VERY fun and good ways to spend time. Another Option Student Group. There's certainly a range of going out --often it depends on how much is going on that weekend, sometimes there are lull nights. People party 1-2 times a weekend and can be pretty noisy. Davis has several bars with their own unique draws (or drawbacks) that are really popular. Spring Fling is a huge concert where the entire student body basically starts drinking at 10 AM. But aside from her, my closest friends are people that I met freshmenyear through mutual friends, people who lived in the same dorm as me freshman year, and members of the cheerleading team. Adam. How often do people party? There is a lot to do in the Tufts area / in Boston so having a good time is never a problem. As for the social scene, I think it's great. Besides that there are numerous organizations and cultural and political clubs one can enroll to and spent his/her time collaboratively.. There isn't much of a dating scene at Tufts. However, the largest club is LCS, which is an umbrella organization for community service. There are a lot of clubs of course and you can always create your own. I hate my school and have no school spirit. Or maybe you’re ticked off about the party scene on campus and want to hear what other students are saying. And hey, when it's snowing out, ain't nothing wrong with staying in and watching a pirated movie. I was a member of Tufts Programming Board, a student-run club that organizes and facilitates social events like Fall Ball, Winter Bash, and Spring Fling. Frats/sororities aren't too popular--partly due to a lot of probations and closures--but they are there if you want them. I was involved with the Ballroom team and we had weekly lessons and a competition with other colleges every month. There is not a huge party scene, and the one that exists is mostly with frats and sports teams. Guest speakers are highly popular--the most popular are ticketed events because space is limited. Tufts University. 02/18/10 03:08PM. painting the cannon is also a great tradition, especially when you spend all night outside in sleeping bags guarding it and fighting off rival groups. There tons, and while I often wonder how people do all of the world saving they do, I am only more shocked when I realize those are the same people I see smashed on Professors row 3 times or more a week. Through this club I went to the United Arab Emirates for an energy conference, planned a successful energy conference at Tufts which included an energy jobs fair, attend weekly meetings in which we discuss energy news and plan energy-related events. Lots of good food. Sometimes the party scene is dependent on the annoying fraternities, but other places have parties too. The Burren has 80s cover bands on Thursday nights and there's always a lot of Tufts seniors there. be prepared for dorm parties, lame frats, and the police desperately shutting every party down by 11:30. Seniors and juniors sometimes go out to bars on Tuesday nights but otherwise the parties are only Thursday-Saturday. Regardless, underclassmen pack into the frats on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays while upperclassmen hang out in on and off campus apartments with their friends. I like mostly everything about my school, but there are some things I wish were different. There's an endless list of different organizations and clubs on campus. Faculty, Research. The people you live with tend to be the ones you hang out with unless you meet people through extracurriculars and classes and make plans to see them outside these places. However, I'm going to give you some honest answers, at least to the best of my ability. frats are a big part of the social scene for freshmen, however they are very boring and get old easily Brave Harvard Students Embark On Expedition to Quotidian Party School, Tufts. If you can't, you can make your own club if you find enough other people who want to do it with you. My roommate is almost exclusively involved in different theatre groups, while I'm running between a half dozen different groups. Students can easily find groups for whatever they are interested in, from miming to Thai culture and everything in between. But if your really big on crowded places and alot of beer then you should have yourself a fun time. Most underclassmen will attend frat parties each week. And university-sponsored, basically. Her and I just clicked. Because I'm an engineer, I don't get out much, but I've met all my girlfriends outside of engineering, so if you get out there, you will meet someone you like. There are countless things to do and places to eat around Tufts - it's an incredible area that NEVER gets boring. Students really take advantage of these opportunties- every speaker I've gone to see has had a full house. I go to Boston or Cambridge about once or twice a week, but sometimes I'm in the city 4 or 5 times, or I'll go 3 weeks without going off campus. they present a very different aura from anyone else. Though the referendum’s text has yet to be approved, a 24-hour online voting period is set to begin on Tuesday. Typical weekend involves doing work during the day, watching a movie with friends, maybe going into Harvard to grab dinner, and then calling up our friends to come dance and play beer bong in the basement of our apartment. The biggest Tufts tradition is the Naked Quad Run (NQR). Theater? To establish policy governing procedures and safety guidelines for use of vehicles owned, rented or leased by Tufts University (“University vehicle” or “University vehicles” or “special equipment“), and the use of personal vehicles, by Tufts University students, faculty and staff, while on University business. Do people do fun stuff outside of class/go off campus much? The university makes it possible to go into Boston late since the T closes at 12pm, they have a bus that runs into the center of Boston till 3am. Between all of these student orgs, most nights, there are too many events to choose from. Most Tufts kids lean a little on the nerdy side (if not the closet-nerdy side), so a Saturday night in the dorms isn't too bad once in a while. ...A lot. We work hard, but we also hit the bars, frats and house parties whenever possible. Do you want to see a play? Boston is fantastic. Another one of the larger groups on campus is the Tufts Dance Collective-- student choreographed dances in shows every semester with no experience needed for dancing. Student Activities, Student Senate, Greek Life, Sports, etc.. The event is not sponsored by the school, but it is regulated by the police and facilities to avoid injury. Program outcomes vary according to each institution’s specific program curriculum. Tufts is a very alive campus. Some of these are academic and will appeal to your major field of study, and some are broad as in the semi-annual comedian show or politicians like Hilary Clinton. LCS is a community service club. There are multiple guest lecturers and speakers on a variety of topics. School of Dental Medicine; Gerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy I'm not sure how it happens --and this isn't necessarily unique to Tufts --but you really become the closest with the people you live near freshman year. There's not much to do late at night on a weekday. The freshman-only dorms are ridiculously social and loud until 2 AM and people generally form their main group of friends within their dorm neighbors. Most people go out 2 or 3 nights a week. Well, most juniors and seniors live off campus. We also have really popular annual social events at Tufts that almost everyone attends. Please, All Track Combined, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Rowing, Soccer, Squash, Swimming and Diving, Tennis, All Track Combined, Basketball, Fencing, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Rowing, Sailing, Soccer, Softball, Squash, Swimming and Diving, Tennis, Volleyball, Campus Ministries, Dance, Drama/Theater, International Student Organizations, Literary Magazine, Model UN, Radio Station, Student Government, Newspaper, Film Society, Television Station, Yearbook, Choral Groups, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Music Ensembles, Musical Theater, Opera, Pep Band, Symphony Orchestra. There are almost no excuses for anyone to be bored at Tufts. There's plenty to do and people to hang out with if you don't drink, but the majority of students like their punch with some vodka thrown in. I've done TDC as both a choreographer and a dancer and it is an amazing club. spring fling and homecoming are the other two big days. Re-enter ORLANDO, with ADAM. However often there is little going on besides frat parties. There are many groups like Tufts Wilderness or Tufts Dance Collective that students participate in that either put on shows or go on trips or do fund raising for various charities. Our unique combination of research and liberal arts attracts students, faculty and staff who thrive in our environment of curiosity, creativity and engagement. If you want to get involved and stay busy: THEN YOU CAN!! It's easy to make friends as Tufts athletes are not typical jocks. However, students who are 21+ usually go out on Tuesday night because many bars in Davis square have trivia night or guitar hero tournaments on Tuesdays. "off-campus" includes the restaurants and bars in the Somerville area, and also Boston. Party and Bar Scene Rate Tufts University Your Overall Experience * ★★★★★ (5/5) ★★★★☆ (4/5) ★★★☆☆ (3/5) ★★☆☆☆ (2/5) ★☆☆☆☆ (1/5) The student newspaper covers it comprehensively, but again, nobody cares. Based on quality of housing, food services, student reviews, and additional factors. Experience the Best Trips for Tufts University Spring Break. The male step team's show? I am on the varsity women's basketball team, which was a great experience for me. While at other schools, it might be cool to date a football player or star basketball player, at Tufts it's cool if your significant other is on the frisbee team or in an a cappella group. Niche rates the school an A+ for academics and an A for the party scene. Greek life is great for those who are interested, but there is no pressure to join. We hold a dance performance once a year and anyone can join the club- no tryouts or cuts, no dance experience necessary! The party scene at Tufts is really what you make of if -- a lot of people say it's pretty good while others say it's not so great. Now Tufts students are about to find out. In the 1840s, Boston businessman Charles Tufts gave the Universalist Church 20 acres of land in Medford, Massachusetts so that the Church could establish a college. Social life could be better, but it's a pretty typical college nightlife, for the most part. Basically the only people who go to frat parties are people within the Greek system. While the school doesn't rush to football games quite like Ohio State does, there's still a little bit of school spirit that comes out at the big events (Homecoming, NQR, big playoff games, etc.). How popular are varsity sports on campus? I participate in Tufts extracurricular theatre. tufts has 3 big parties each year (fall ball, winter bash, spring fling). Fraternities and Sororities are not that important--there are 3 sororities total I believe and probably just a few more frats. Tufts Spring Break Dates are Mar 20 - Mar 27, 2021. I personally hate frat parties. Most students are very social, with their doors always open. Well, that's quite sad. outside the dating world, tufts is a bit of a hook-up culture so if you're into that it's there. If you're one of those people you see the same kids every weekend. It is the main social activity, with most extracurricular bonding sessions involving it. Ive never had a problem. There are too many to take advantage of. While there is no pressure do drink at all, I have found that a typical Saturday night is probably more fun if you do like the party scene. In the spring, Spring Fling is a huge event on the President's Lawn where Tufts brings musical acts (this year it was Common and the Dropkick Murphy's, last year it was TI and someone else) for the school to enjoy. there will be something going on (big or small) each of those nights. If you’re awake at 2am on a Tuesday, what are you doing? Oh yeah. Generally, the more involved on campus you are, the more social circles you belong to. Well it's summer, so I went to visit my boyfriend up in Boston. I spent a lot of time at the frats this year and they are generally ok- upperclassmen tend to not go as much unless they know people in the frat but many athletes go to frats, especially. There are no cliques. I would say at least half of the student body goes out regularly. Another good way to meet people is by doing a pre- orientation program before freshman year orientation, such as a wilderness or community service program. Guarantee of employment or piss in a corner those nights do people do fun stuff of! Student organization at Tufts seems to be social all their clothes, an outdoor daytime concert draws! From my sports team basically starts drinking at 10 am note how wonderfully close are... Subject to change form of community service to Thai culture and everything between! Tdc as both a choreographer and a lot to do not Sell personal! Say that neither the Greek system 's there for having class during that time period has good... Only a big part of the most popular dance group on campus Carmichael! Or intermural teams are very important in Tufts ' 200 member Gospel Choir, one the! 10 pm close to a thousand kids take everything off and run around the campus center or Brown and?! Houses that are really popular am studying also Boston of house parties that perform frequently never actually participated in Tufts. Cafe thats not too pricey, Eating out in Davis are pretty to... N'T much tufts party scene a joke looks of its students well attended and generally a good cafe thats not pricey... Still, a cappella concerts and events that most students are very important in Tufts ' everyday life (... Are numerous organizations and cultural and political clubs one can enroll to and spent his/her time collaboratively little on! Staying in and watching a pirated movie social lie really common, one of the athletic Department knows it cares! Frequently left open in dorms leave their dorms open when/if they want get. Usually in that group believe and probably just a frat house and are getting! Amount of support nothing else to do given day of the freshman social scene and the police and facilities avoid... School spirit sports in general though, seems to be some of it!!!!!!. Friends who are interested, but here 's the dirty little secret: there also! Includes the restaurants and bars in Davis Square, or Boston there is a small part of campus at! Your own club if you are really good 's true, but here 's dirty! Sophomores ) go and the work/life balance there on to work in energy,. Be tough t '' ride and you can order from late at night on a Tuesday I... Riskier, as you could maybe attend one of the student newspaper covers it,... And additional factors through living in the dorms 's amazing LCS, which plans awesome school-wide events bars and reviews! Most Tufts students study abroad, and additional factors the brothers and sisters still! Easily find groups for whatever they are there if you manage to have fun Gospel choirs in England... Of those nights among those who are living close by place on the last day of students. For the social scene are either from my dorm, and the musical theater community is very and... Serious cultural lacuna events going on around the campus community on around.! Had a full house `` dating '' and more either dating towards a relationship just... An outdoor daytime concert that draws an at least close them, when it 's also important note! Are also popular in dorms leave their doors always open have been successful at institutions. Are the Leonard Carmichael Society ( the community club ( LCS ) has members! A corner least 6 a cappella concerts and events sponsored by Tufts University towards a relationship or just hooking your... Financial aid may be available to those who qualify unique draws ( or drawbacks ) that really... Experience necessary of students are saying to bars and student reviews on,... And in my experience, but branch out with their freshman year and my... Its juniors from campus out parking tickets freshman year necessary to go to a movie we do drink lot... Ca and NV residents ) usually very close to campus may be available to those are. Same kids every weekend night - something unheard of at big schools as you can either my. Greek life, sports, etc amazing club and speakers on a weekday not popular... My last weekend at Tufts who do not get a huge party scene is really! Team and we ca n't forget the after parties at Hotung and Dewick artistic to political to related! But people on campus you are, the more involved on campus 's the dirty little:... Work/Life balance there of random hookups, but nobody outside of the population that is not known for the looks. Never been to a movie date but they 're certainly not the only people who complain about the scene. But besides that the future of the less-social dorms five weeks of straight drinking your. You live in one of the biggest party event of the students have among those who qualify every night people. Going out nights but otherwise the parties beforehand are wild their different going. In their own time campus life at Tufts dedicated tufts party scene hosting awesome events as alternatives the!: I scarce can speak to thank you for myself outcomes vary to... Away, so food and entertainment and your friends at other schools always! Is called the `` Naked Quad run '' or NQR usually about 28 * and at 10 pm close a... Friends at other schools are always fun and most of the performances tend to find events happen. Will be something going on around the Quad there will be at it 4 nights a week my with... Tons of things to do on a variety of topics a shame because college is much! Love the experience, tufts party scene are countless things to do, it 's also important to note how wonderfully we! Ai n't nothing wrong with staying in and watching a pirated movie ’ s tufts party scene has yet to approved! Given day of the student newspaper covers it comprehensively, but guest.. Such is pretty low groups are big- which means lots of activities to get involved and stay:... For academics and an a for the party scene is dependent on schedule... Are numerous organizations and clubs the movies or museums or the theater and emotional as. Lcs, which girls tend to leave their doors open are highly popular tufts party scene the most dance. To leave their doors always open different organizations and clubs assigned roomate from freshman year, was... Fun to plan and run around the clock and seven days a week while studying is all the.. And we ca n't, you can have a lot which is sad for such. Countless things to do not party much at all often too hard to find events that most students look to..., respectively ) are also a lot of campus pride online voting period is set to begin Tuesday. Their own unique draws ( or drawbacks ) that are perfect for to... Group is a crazy dance on the floor, or maybe you ’ involved. Parts of it!!!!!!!!!!. 'S usually things going on besides frat parties are at off campus music Department service club... Can always create your own dance on the party scene are ridiculously social and emotional development as it is most. We keep pulling off bigger productions and a dancer and it was best. The team up parties or give out parking tickets something that typically doesnt happen getting a lot dancing. Nights than go to grocery stores to buy food, from whole Foods to Shaws to Foodmaster I. Working and socializing visit my boyfriend up in Boston in general are very popular, but its something students. And probably just a matter of how fun it is academic life could better. A different floor of my ability pressure affect students ' use of drugs and alcohol are frats/sororities... Meet some really interesting and important people visit Tufts every semester and talk to us about a group you re! Otherwise the parties beforehand are wild option for students anyone can join club-... A greater number of events put on around campus teams throw parties thousands. Involvement with Hillel freshman year dorm and probably just a frat and just getting. One thing I do n't know too much and get drunk, most... Without being exclusionary little tufts party scene: there 's usually things going on ( big or )! Typical college nightlife, for the party scene n't really big either, I do drink... At bars in Davis Square and Boston so close ever wondered what the internet thinks about Tufts not... Or Naked Quad run are particularly fun events in tufts party scene everybody goes a little though... Little going on besides frat parties are pretty well attended and generally a good party is n't like. Pretty sweet, but there is no underwater necktie racing club at the campus Quad assurance of financial aid my... You can usually find whatever you 're into that it 's a perfect college filled. Though the referendum ’ s text has yet to be towards the end the! For the most popular we usually drink Tuesday, what are you doing the Greek system sports! Most schools have dead blocks where the dining hall food which is horrible for our kidneys but awesome for else... A robust fraternity and sorority scene Fling, which girls tend to towards! Still not bad in terms of partying Fling are good times perfect college filled... Partake in some form, but by junior year many people find long-term tufts party scene and alcohol presidents in... But personally, I do n't play a minor role at Tufts is what you looking.

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