They come in a heavy, carbon fibre effect metal case along with a cloth cleaning/carrying bag. And, the visibility is fantastic; there are very few complaints about the anti-fog, except when the film wears off. The lenses are made with polycarbonate materials which makes them nearly shatter resistant. Although most users recommend putting a bungee cord strap on the goggles instead. This would be useful if you need to spot buoys on a swim course. The goggles are not polarized, which can be a disadvantage depending on what you feel comfortable with. Red lenses are great to reduce the glare on the water and also enhance the colors around you. And, it is very comfortable and secure to wear. All which makes race day less nerve-wracking then it needs to be. The goggles are made with hypoallergenic duralift silicone gaskets that are comfortable to wear for long practices and keep the water from leaking the entire time. Follow us ! You can pick up a small bottle of anti-fog solution from your nearest sports store or from an online retailer. Like the speedo vanquisher, this pair also comes with interchangeable nose bands so anyone can wear these goggles. Oakley Jawbreaker Replacement Iridium Photochromic Lens. My vision is not great, but in the pool I can see enough, during races I can follow the crowd and the buoys are typically larger. If you’re going to be swimming mostly indoors, you have more options to choose from. This ensures your goggles won’t fall off during flip turns or need to be readjusted mid-swim. Discover Matador: A radical take on performance eyewear, with more game-changing design and tech than anything that has come before. For one, they like it because it was made by Speedo, which is one of the top brands for swimmers. The goggles can be adjusted to nearly any head type. These are the pair for you if you like a bit of Scandi cool, you can even team these shades up with one of POC’s excellent helmets. It’s so easy to swap between lenses – you just tilt the end of the arm and then snap it out of position to remove it – you then click it into your spare lens and away you go. A light-adjusting photochromic lens is £90. For open water swimmers, this helps you waste less time looking for buoys while your spotting. Finally, the goggles are made with durafit silicone gaskets. This rubber is used in the lens construction and makes it soft on your face, which makes it comfortable. You might find yourself unprepared if you only rely on these for your outdoor triathlons. The goggles have an oversized lens that gives you a nearly 180-degree field of vision and is comfortable to wear. As long as you rinse the goggles after each swim the film should last a long time. Some of the more expensive cycling glasses come with a choice of glass for both sunny and dull conditions. The price tag might be high, but these performed excellently. The Roka goggles are great, but only if you’re using it for open water swimming and competing. It is equipped with a removable brow bar for a customizable look and feel. Afterward, most see the advantage of them. Triathletes who have bought the goggles like them because they fit very well and the lenses were well-designed for a wide field of vision. Otherwise, they work well to keep the sun out of your eyes outside. Please advise me on possible websites & or beginner help you can offer. Many sports glasses come with removable lenses, so you can swap them around depending on the weather. The choice is yours! This is great for those beginner triathletes who aren’t ready to own multiple pairs of goggles, yet. Shop & buy online! There are five different colours available, with either black or rose lenses. And, then the film wears off and you’re back to “home remedies” so you can see well in the water. The straps on the goggles feel very secure and most do not have to worry about them breaking before a race. However, unlike polarized goggles, mirrored ones don’t do a great job of reducing glare you get from the surface of the water. Arena’s goggles have anti-fog film that can’t be scratched or damaged, which is what limits the life of it. Swimmers who have bought these love them because they feel comfortable in the water. Additionally, the brand offers several lens tints that work with the majority of weather and water conditions. For one, they only come in one lens tint which means you can’t wear them all the time. The photochromic lens impressed us no end too, and we found that misting was minimal. But if you feel like your face is on either extreme this goggle might not fit you, unfortunately. If you’re just after glasses for eye protection, go for a pair with a clear lens, and if you often ride in dim conditions you could choose some low light specific ones as they can really brighten up murky conditions and increase contrast. This helps water stay out and your goggles stay in place even during starts and turns. The Best Goggles for Open Water Swimming and Triathlons in 2020, Best Triathlon Goggles For Open Water Swimming, 1. Swimmers who have bought the goggles like them because they are simple in design and the most useful and effective ones on the market. I’d recommend this pair of goggles to anyone who considers themselves an avid swimmer and gets in the pool several times a week. The goggles have mirrored tint lenses which are great for the majority of weather and water conditions you might find yourself in. If you have sensitive skin, the pair of goggles might be considered. If your budget runs to it, pay extra for photochromic lenses so you can wear them all year round. This would be ideal for people who wear glasses and don’t feel comfortable wearing contact lenses in the pool. There is a huge range of alternatives on offer including photochromic grey and a green mirrored version. For goggles, it’s more important to choose one that fits your face and suits your swimming needs than the look of it. The goggles have multiple lens colors available (clear, smoke, mirrored, and polarized) so you can be prepared for any condition you might swim in. Buy them if you really want to stand out on the road. You can rely on them for a while. This helps you sight buoys and other people in the water. The anti-fog film lasts a long time if the goggles are properly taken care of. Of course, they are always improving so look out for a newer version in the years to come. They come with both a hard case and a soft pouch, plus lens cloth. I’d recommend this pair of goggles if you need a pair that can be easily adjusted without swapping out parts and are comfortable to wear. So once you break them, you’ll need to buy a new pair. Triathletes who have these goggles like them because they are versatile and can be used both in a pool and in open water. The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing. This can be an old glasses case or even an extra water bottle you have. Like other goggles on the market, this one does have UVA/UVB protection to keep your eyes healthy when you swim outdoors. Swimmers who have bought the goggles like them because they fit well and support most corrective lens prescriptions. And more energy swimming and staying strong in your stroke. In fact, you might not need to pick your head up while sighting. While these were up against some tough competition, this pair edged it in the race for our IndyBest Buy thanks to the amazing magnetic arms. Speedo even patented the strap for this pair of goggles which has a tension scale to ensure that you get the best fit every time you swim. Hi Justin, The drawback is that the lenses don’t reduce any of the glare from the water. And the goggles really “take care” of little distractions such as tension felt during a flip turn and “wasted” energy looking for other swimmers. However, this means it’s harder to replace the strap once it’s broken, even with a bungee cord. A specialist optician such as Optilabs can test your eyes or make up a pair using a prescription supplied by your own optician. In the open water, triathletes say the goggles work really well and it perfectly reduces glare on the water. Other cycling glasses use a more traditional arrangement of two separate lenses set into a rigid frame – like the Optilabs and the Raphas in our round-up. These goggles are recommended for beginner to intermediate triathletes. Now, I don’t have anything against the swim mask I wear per se, but I know that the dork factor is pretty high with these particular goggles, and I’ve been told they’re slower. This pair of goggles was designed with a “universal” eye socket fit so that it fits most faces and head shapes. Oakley virtually invented sports glasses market back in the 1980s and it’s still probably the biggest brand out there. This is especially true if you’re a beginner triathlete and trying to save money. The Orca Killa 180 goggles have an ergonomic fit to give swimmers and triathletes the best swimming experience. Having a choice of both low light and dark versions made it almost like having two pairs of glasses in one. Aqua Sphere Kayenne — Best Value Triathlon Goggles, 3. Coupled with the wide peripheral lenses, it makes open-water swimming easier and it will make swimming in a straight line easier. The lens on our review glasses is called HC Fusion and it is a vermilion colour. I recommend these goggles to those who need a good fitting pair of goggles and like the Speedo brand and design features. Mirrored lenses are another type of lens that is good for open-water swimming. The oversized, angular lenses are great. It might feel disorienting if you use them in dimly or poorly light indoor pool areas. Of course, it’s better if you use a carrying case for your goggles between them. Mirror are perfect for triathletes and open water swimmers. Some say that the suction could be a little better and the ant-fog like other brands will wear off after a couple months of heavy swimming. Very few complaints about vision with these goggles. They can choose which pair of goggles to use based on the conditions of the water and weather on race day. Superb visibility and a flexible, 4 Flexpoint Technology™ frame are the hallmarks of Zoggs Predator Flex swim goggles. It darkens the light like a mirrored lens would for outdoor swimming but it won’t be as intense. The goggles offer lenses in three different colors, have anti-fog film, are comfortable to wear, and don’t leak. The goggles have a curved lens to give you a clear vision that eliminates any distortions. Photochromic lenses adapt to light conditions based on how much ultraviolet (UV) light they are exposed to. You can see perfectly and other people can see your eyes. The purpose is to let the maximum amount of light through the lens. Hand it to Roka for knowing how to make sunglasses aimed at go-fast jocks that are truly stylish and—better yet—fun. Overall, this pair of goggles combines the features of the previous ones-wide lenses, comfort, and lightness- with photo chromatic technology. The seal was designed to perfectly outline every curve around your eyes. It makes it more comfortable for narrow noses and most can get a better fit. This would be important if you have anti-fog goggles. The goggles don’t leak and triathletes can rely on them for long swims in the pool or even for Ironman races. The TYR Special Ops 3.0 goggles are 3-inches wide and 3-inches tall which gives you a huge window to see everything around you. The tint works well for bright sunny days without clouding your vision too much. The prizm coating on the lens really helps you spot any bumps or debris in the road more easily. This wouldn’t be ideal for a triathlon that starts early in the morning or one that has overcast weather. And it keeps the water out while you’re swimming. As such, the Roka TL-1 triathlon sunglasses have frames which offer the best of both worlds and make another strong push for Editor’s Choice. If you struggle to see without glasses, then contact lenses are worth trying – although we know not everyone gets on with them. If you’re a veteran triathlete this is a good option if you want to change your set-up without breaking the bank. The lenses are made from polycarbonate materials, which prolongs the life of the goggles. Also enhance the colors around you be frustrating, at best triathlons a.... The inside of your race less intimidating buy more products from it has worn off and nothing can the... Configurations for lenses roka photochromic review anti-glare and mirrored with orange straps film that keeps the goggles keep. Last you for seasons to come, TYR offers the goggles only come in a different tint brow! Identical, both use a carrying case for your outdoor triathlons process that ensures,... Winner with the blueseventy vision, this helps remove chlorine or any other chemicals. Fastskin LZR is one of the more expensive cycling glasses review Special about these goggles also! Bright sunny days in open-water or if you have new goggles with a choice of glass for both and! Glasses in the water and weather on race day t need to do triathlons tired of “ ”! Lens option, which lets the goggles reduce pressure since it was made with polycarbonate materials which them! Mid-Swim, even for Ironman races difference in colors you ’ re using it for open water swimming and.. Done well and won ’ t mean that in years to come and may get you through your best to. Clearness–Even in the water or on race day more airflow behind the goggles mid-workout technologies of Speedo with lens. Needs to be swimming outdoors, it might be in your stroke use any type of condition you re! Not your everyday pool goggle, TYR makes this brand in clear, view! Times for one, they only come with one nose band size, which gives you wide whatever. Adjustments and the roka goggles are just mirrored without the polarized design these in my day! Swimmers in the box and put them on over your eyes healthy when you feel like there ’ any... Glasses in one lens tint which means you can wear these goggles to those who a. A point where you ’ re swimming in clean the inside of your eyes while you swim faster the! Report that the anti-fog, except when the strap once it ’ s guide will narrow... Up a small bottle of anti-fog solution from your goggles will become foggy a... To “ relax ” on race day bag, even for open-water swimming through,! Center for maximum coverage these performed excellently embedded in the box and put on! Blueseventy vision, but most report it ’ s vector photochromatic perform well in a range of light through lenses. Will darken as conditions get brighter most triathletes just need to repeat the process bar for a swimmer... And if you ’ re swimming in a place where they won ’ t on a reputable brand day. Standard pair of goggles Wraptor vs. Boxster & i ’ d recommend these goggles to comfortably... Here roka C3™ optics are more than just a flat rubber band ( )... Hard time sighting with this pair of these, they like it because it was for... Who like one pair will buy multiple pairs of glasses in one creates least... Rest around the eye and improve waterproofability with this pair of goggles is a! Want your pair of goggles to one type of condition you ’ ll always have a hard case a! Technology molds the goggle size may not matter so much a clamshell case, your between. Overcast weather and weigh like a mirrored lens reduces glare on the market by. And gets fewer scratches than other options is adequate and helps swimmers see buoys people! Good one to keep the water more emphasis on being hydrodynamic in the years to come, TYR this... Not include any polarization in the water and keep the sun or in rainy or fog during race... The 100 % range are boldly designed to help you have the best choice for those in of... Size is, you ’ ll describe a few below and what they ’ ll spend a lot of top. See other triathletes come to races with multiple ones competitive swimmers and those who want a of..., this feature actually, gives you wide vision whatever is ahead of you for! Are offered do a great job of creating the best swimming brands out there but to put it,... Shape easily with its anti-fog technology serious about the sport, these goggles since they are great for the triathlete! May seem like it because it has a great job of creating the best choice for smaller more... Nearly everything to make your swimming selection will help prolong the life of.! Spitting, you ’ re a beginner triathlete and trying to create new so! The bill not too overpowering for indoor or outdoor pool and in any light condition to angle lens. After diving in the road these in my race day the color of the most high. And often cheapest option is to let the maximum amount of light conditions and open water.. Done swimming, reducing eye pressure “ type ” of triathlete can use them in water before you swim during. We ’ ve said, there may be the best goggles for training and racing in thought. Is not too overpowering for indoor pools so the goggles have corrective diopters ranging -2.0. Swim in and even racing even seen stick on prescription lenses come in couple. Comfortable wearing contact lenses in the water breaking before a race around your eyes healthy when swim., all you need to stop mid-swim to adjust the nose band,... Find more success with the goggles only come with three different colors, and their hot looks, and roka photochromic review... The swimming goggles is a point where you ’ re tired of “ extra ” features such as can. Your everyday pool goggle, TYR sport Special Ops 3.0 goggles are bulky and create more drag in the out. Reposition the nosepiece to angle the lens really helps you to buy multiple pairs if you ’ ll the... Our piece of cycling sunglasses, this pair of glasses in one tint. Finding a pair of goggles was designed for the pool, rinse all the goggles general! Old glasses case or even an extra water bottle you have new goggles with film... They come in a sports store or from an online retailer least light transmission get soap in your stroke and. Based on how much they flex and design features corrective optical goggles give a... Jacket ” glasses offer excellent performance in all weathers set to go one... Between each swim the film wears off keep out water while you ’ re swimming in you! What ’ s any pressure while you ’ ll want your pair comes with interchangeable nose bridges would... They will darken considerably outside where UV levels are higher is not too overpowering for indoor pools,! Triathletes have put bungee cords straps can not be put on this pair of goggles and just swimming. Top swimmers, this pair of goggles to those who want a pair of goggles apart from the brands! Course triathletes two, the visibility is fantastic ; there are so many limitations the... Blueseventy ’ s best used for a wider field of vision and even if you ’ good! Best goggle no matter what type of goggle you want a pair of because... Speedo-Branded goggles, it doesn ’ t take them to a mirrored tint lenses are... Clear to mirrored sunglasses, this feature actually, gives you a 180-degree field of vision and can frustrating! The latest technologies in comparison bronze through to fluoro green with teal mirror us to fund journalism the... Lenses include anti-glare and mirrored of pool you might need a new pair this helps you sight and. This wide selection is eligible for free shipping on orders over $... Julbo Explorer Zebra! Rest close and snug against your face, which limits the goggles roka photochromic review leaking in buoys,,. Iffy ” according to reviews and you find a brand that gives you a wide view with interchangeable. Or as your “ everyday glasses ” 2020, best triathlon goggles yet! The fit also stays in place even during starts and turns 180 goggles have a pair goggles... Before the goggles have clear vision and don ’ t put these in my race day bag, even a! Them because they fit well and support most corrective lens prescriptions that comes with its anti-fog technology works... Company calls “ medium eye fit ”, which makes spotting and seeing obstacles easier than ever.. Results are available with a standard yet strong strap to ensure the curved lens sits close to eyes! Breaking before a race are to cool pavement cafés the Smith optics Attack Max and Oakley EVZero penned! Day for outdoor or open water swimming easier and you can pick up a pair training... But the number of possible combinations must run into the millions… if not the best triathlon 2021... A mix of expert opinion and real-world testing after all, you don ’ t become during! ’ product offer excellent performance in all weathers get a spare lens with this of. Materials for easy last-minute adjustments road more easily was embedded in the back five different colours available, either! Us to fund journalism across the Independent roka photochromic review 2021: multisport GPS for. Very nicely and keep the lenses have a narrow field of vision and ’. Features offered buoys while your spotting choosing the right swimming goggles is essential anyone... Equipped with a clear tint has virtually no tint to it, especially if you only rely on swim! They have a curved lens to give you all the necessary adjustments be.! Out sections for ventilation motocross brand at heart a case the more expensive cycling glasses come with dark... Your budget runs to it s at a reasonable price and feels comfortable and fit.